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This is a great question and the answer lies in Creation vs. Evolution!  Please look at the featured article for the answer!

I hope this web site is visited by both Creationists and Evolutionists. If you believe the Theory of Evolution is true....don't believe a thing you read on this web site!  However, I encourage you to read it, think about it, compare it to your current belief, and then decide what to believe.

On important issues, never believe anything because someone told you to believe it.  Only believe something you hear after you test it, and were open-minded enough to hear other ideas.

I was raised going to church, and at the age of 14, my respected Biology teacher taught the class that the Theory of Evolution was true.  I believed him without any question.  At the age of 26, I got a few facts on Creation, then did further investigation, and now I am convinced Creation is better science than the Theory of Evolution.  

What ever you decide to believe on the subject of Creation Vs. Evolution, I hope you base your belief upon facts and observation.

I teach free lessons on Creation vs. Evolution and will be glad to answer any questions you may have on the subject.  You can contact me by emailing me at or call me at 714 898-8331.

Bill Morgan

Calvary Chapel West Grove will be hosting a series of Creation seminars on Tuesday nights. The lessons begin at 7 PM and the address of the church is 12832 Knott Street (Just North of the 22 Freeway). Please call Joel Emilio at 714 606-4021 if you have any questions. Listed below are the speakers and topics:

April 23 You - Witnessing Tips
April 30 Joel Emilio - Plant and Animal Relationships
May 7 John Wallace - Origin of Life
May 14 Ron Paullins - Age of the Universe
May 21 Joe Mangianelli - Human fossils
May 28 Mock Creation vs. Evolution Debate - Bill Morgan (Taking Evolution Side) v. Joel Emilio (Taking Creation Side)

Creation vs. Evolution Debate

Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 1
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 2
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 3
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 4
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 5
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 6
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 7
Creation vs. Evolution Debate - part 8
Be sure to watch my creation vs. evolution debate with evolutionist Andrew Bohonak, professor and vice chair of biology at SDSU. The debate is available on YouTube, in 8 parts. Please use the links above to watch each part.

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Captain Creationist
Be sure to check out the article about Bill Morgan by Adam O'Neal, printed in the OC Weekly magazine.

Witnessing Tips

IQ Quiz!
Test your creation vs. evolution IQ...

Give yourself 10 points for every correct answer. Click here to download the IQ Quiz in PDF format.

219 powerful reasons to believe in God...

Humans have 219 distinct types of cells, that are known. Click here to see the list online.

Or click here to download the list as an Excel spreadsheet.

Creation vs Evolution Comic
Free creation vs. evolution comic book
It's a free download. Click here to download the comic in PDF format. The file size is about 1.8 mb.

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